The Contenders



After numerous storming gigs which have brought the house down (almost literally…) throughout the area over the last 10 years, with the Jubilee Festival in Oystermouth Castle Grounds surely being our Knebworth or Shea Stadium!!! Here we are 5 years later with the original line up from 10 years ago, but with a whole load of new songs in the bag!

‘The Contenders rose out of the ashes of several Mumbles based bands and in the early stages of formation gigged with stand in members such as Mike Ruddock (Wales Grand Slam winning coach) and Stuart Cable (Stereophonics)

They quickly established a reputation on the local party circuit as a rock and soul covers band playing good-time music that makes you want to get up and dance.

The Contenders are Huw Evans (Vocals, Tambourine!), Nick Faron (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and feedback), Paul Whittaker (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals and argumentative inputs), Huw Browning (Backing Vocals and Heavvvvy Bass), John Shapton (Drums, Backing Vocals, Tidying) and Mike Gravenor (Keyboards, Gardening)

So, if you like your music, The Contenders feature an eclectic mix from Punk to Funk, Rock and Soul both now and then!