Take helping of great local music and add a top class spectator sport …

Shake them up together, add a bank holiday weekend, some great weather …and what have you got?

Swansea TRI Live 2017 – www.swanseatrilive.co.uk

Saturday 27th May and Sunday 28th May 2017– a great lime up of local talent for this eclectic music event built around the hugely successful Swansea Triathlon.

The lineup is the culmination of the 2 day festival’s commitment to bringing a diverse and unique group of local, talented bands and musicians to Swansea city center. This tied into the spectacular Triathlon on the Sunday helps to create a unique musical and sport experiences and an atmosphere that cannot be beaten.

“Swansea is a place filled with music, culture and creativity, and we have a great legacy of both music and sport here. This event, powered by BID, truly showcases what makes our City special,” said Russell Greenslade, BID CEO. We’re looking to add to its legacy with another collection of unforgettable performances this year and the expansion of our workshops and events for children.”

“After the amazing success of Swansea Triathlon last year we are delighted and excited to have the three day music festival surrounding us and making this a unique event for Swansea and also the first of its type in the whole of the UK. This will be a great start to Swansea’s bid for City of Culture for 2021” Scott Powell – Activity wales.

So there you have it! Here is the full line up of acts for the 2 days with more to be added over next few weeks. Where Rock an’ Roll meets radical sport!