Beautiful Strangers

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Beautiful Strangers are a five piece rock outfit based in Swansea, Wales, UK. The band is Stuart Dade Davies on vocals, Michael James and Richie Lewis on guitars, Jon Roach on bass and David Davies on drums. The band was put together in 2011 and has been building momentum ever since.Our music is sensual, sexy modern Rock with a savage edge.

Our ambition is to have the album listened to and loved by as many people as possible, to embark on a journey as a group of 5 friends, a crew, a family. To tour, travel, meet great people, sell tickets, fill venues, quaff beers, write songs and to create music for a living.

We are five friends who enjoy each other’s company, travelling together and telling stories on the road that end up being the next catchy song. With an ambition to travel the world playing the music we love to play drinking and dancing from the seediest watering hole to the fanciest ball room.

We are real, we are raucous, we are Beautiful Strangers.